I was talking to a co-worker yesterday about a new task she was trying to get comfortable with. She was frustrated and lacked confidence because she didn’t feel comfortable with her new role. She was trying hard to learn, but was dissatisfied with how quickly her grasp of the duties was coming along.

She has small children, and we talked about how many times they had bumped their heads on coffee tables while trying to learn to walk. Few things would be more powerful as we become adults than the ability to continue to learn like children.

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Which essentially boils down to never giving up until the task is mastered. If kids stuck with learning new things like adults do, they would never walk. How many times do they fall down in the process? They never give up. Where did that determination go as I have grown older?

We joke about how good kids are with new technology. Why are they good at it? They are curious, and they never give up.

Pick something new that you’d like to learn. And learn it like a child.

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