I was diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer eighteen years ago. Like most everyone else who is dealt the same hand; I experienced surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Good days and bad days. Ups and downs. Life is one big roller coaster ride, and everyone’s track has a different layout. That was part of mine.

After the cancer battle was behind me, I spent a good portion of the next six years in and out of the hospital dealing with post-treatment issues that included three surgeries, a 60-plus day stay in the hospital, and a couple of 50+ day stretches of not eating. I won’t go into a lot of the unpleasant details, but there were some rough stretches to be sure.

I share this with you because I came across one of the best quote’s I have ever read the other day. When I was going through my medical journey, people would say to me, ‘How can you handle all of this?” or “How do you keep going with such a great attitude?” As far as I was concerened, I just kept showing up every day. That was my job.

Anyway, we spend too much time worrying about that kind of stuff. We can each handle more than we could ever imagine. We all have our mountains and we figure out away to get to the top.

The quote is: “You never know how strong you are, until strong is all you have.” Amen!

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