Pete has been sick since last Wednesday night. He's back to work today but he's not feeling 100% better yet. He mentioned that he had a fever, chills and felt so out of it.

I asked him what his fever was over the weekend. He told me he didn't know exactly because he doesn't own a thermometer. I thought it was weird he didn't have a way to check his temperature.

My mom is a nurse and we've always grown up with thermometers in our home--multiple thermometers in fact. I probably have 5-6 thermometers at home. I was recently sick myself and bought another thermometer to check my fever. I put it in my coat pocket and forgot to take it out.

Pete thinks it's so weird that I've got a random thermometer in my coat. I think it's weirder that he doesn't have a thermometer at all. So, who is weirder--me for having a thermometer in my coat or Pete for not having one at all?


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