I spent most of my Labor Day fighting off seasonal allergy symptoms. Itchy eyes, sore throat, runny nose, feeling like I was hit by a truck, the whole nine yards. Unfortunately for us allergy sufferers, it isn't going to clear up for us anytime this week. Pollen.com's 5 day pollen count forecast is predicting medium - high counts for the rest of this week. With highs in the low 70's, and sunny conditions, it makes sense. Thursday - Saturday is pegged at 7.4 on the Allergy Index (out of 12).


If you have allergies to Ragweed, Nettle, and Chenopods, your allergies are more likely to cause symptoms. I myself am a Ragweed reactor, which tells me why I am going through Kleenex's like they are going to stop making them. To see the detailed pollen forecast, click here.

Gotta love the changing of seasons! May you never run out of Claritin and Kleenex these upcoming months. From one allergy sufferer to another.

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