I haven't thrown up in 16 years. That's a fact I'm proud of. I get asked all of the time how I've managed to maintain such an awesome streak! So, I've decided to give out my secrets.

1. Keep hand sanitizer on your key chain. You never know who or what you're going to come in contact with--so, a key chain hand sanitizer bottle comes in handy in sticky situations.

2. Use the cart wipes at the store. Think about all of the babies that suck on the cart handles, or the people that use the bathroom without washing their hands only to touch all over the cart handle...just thinking about it makes me sick. Clean those germs off and save yourself!!

3. Always wash your hands after you use the bathroom and also use hand sanitizer. I don't always trust that the soap and water got everything, so I'll use a squirt of sanitizer after every bathroom use.

4. Always check the temperature of your meat. One way to get sick for sure is eating meat that's under-cooked. Buy a meat thermometer and save yourself from getting food poisoning.

5. If something looks suspect, throw it away. I never eat food that looks strange--ever. If I think chicken is under-cooked or something doesn't feel right, I don't hesitate to put it in the trash. I'd rather lose out on $10 than spend the next few days sick to my stomach.

6. Avoid people who are sick. I absolutely hate it when my family members show up to a holiday event knowing the flu has been hitting their family. It's one of the rudest things you can do. I certainly don't want to be sick because of it. So, I don't feel bad avoiding them like the plague.

7. If someone in your house is sick, avoid touching door handles, light switches, or anything else that is frequently touched in your home. I usually spray those things down with Lysol.

8. Avoid using the same bathroom as a sick person. If you have two bathrooms in your home, I'd use the one that isn't being used by the sick person just as an extra precaution.

9. Get good sleep. No matter how healthy you eat and how many vitamins you take, you can't replace a good night of sleep. Make sure you're getting enough rest so your immune system is working at full strength.

10. Don't rub your eyes, touch your nose or mouth. Germs can typically only enter in through those three areas. If you don't let them in, you pretty much can't get sick. Pay attention to how often you touch your face everyday. If you touch your face a lot and wonder why you get sick frequently, maybe change your approach...

11. Don't drink in excess. Obviously if you drink too much, your risk of throwing up increases. If you don't want to puke, know your limits.

12. Avoid eating food prepared by other people. I don't eat food that has been sitting in our break room as a rule of thumb. I don't know my co-worker's sanitation habits at home and I don't want to take the risk.

13. If someone in your house is sick, eat light, drink a lot of fluids, take vitamins and pay attention to your body temperature. Treat the situation as if you are sick as well. That way, you'll give your body a fighting chance just in case you do come in contact with the germ.

This may all seem a little manic, but I promise you that these simple little habits are way less painful and stressful than throwing up and being sick.

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