Happy sweet 16 to the last time I threw up! Yes, you heard me right. Today marks 16 years since the last time I barfed and I'm not pulling your leg. It's been a crazy long streak.

Now, before you get super freaked out that I remember the exact date, hear me out--it was my parent's wedding anniversary and I was super bummed out that I didn't get to have dessert that night. Kids remember that kind of thing.

I absolutely hate throwing up and I'll do pretty much whatever I can to avoid the deed. I've suffered through the worst stomach pains ever just to keep the streak alive. That's what I like to call dedication.

Just to put this into perspective, I've got two siblings that aren't even 16 yet. My streak is older than they are. I'm pretty confident I hold some sort of record. I have to, right?!

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