Remember when we had to warn kids not to eat tide pods? Well if you're a parent here in Minnesota, what I'm about to tell you about almost makes that feel safe. I get it, I've been a teenager. We did stupid things. What I didn't have as a teenager was social media, the constant need to do the next stupid trend or challenge and when I say stupid, that doesn't even begin to explain 'BORG'.

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If you're a parent this is something you definitely should be concerned about and keep an eye out for. Do you have a teenager who has maybe been swiping your empty gallon water or milk jugs? If they told you it was for a project, it would would probably be smart to ask to see the project, and if they can't, assume the worst.

The trend on TikTok, for a little while now, mainly for college students but has trickled down to high school kids as well, is 'BORG'. Which is the acronym for 'Blackout Rage Gallon'. Yes, you read that right and it means pretty much, exactly what you think. As shared on Parents,

Most BORGs are a combo of water, vodka, and a few mixers, including Crystal Light, MiO drops, and Liquid I.V. electrolyte powder.

This is what it would look like and an example of a borg party:


@imasoggychickennuggett borg party 😋 (tik tok we are 21) #borg #blackoutragegallon #fyp ♬ original sound - Avery Akers

That's right, they each have their own gallon of alcohol and water mixture. Many young adults will argue they're being responsible by bringing their own drink and not having to worry about accepting something that could be laced from someone else. Plus, there is water and electrolytes in there.

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Don't get me wrong when I was in college I had my fair share of fun and probably did some stupid things and would have come up with similar "this is why this is fine" arguments. But I never once thought I wanted to hit "blackout rage" stage, which is what many could do IF they were to consume that whole gallon themselves.

Most recipes out there it appears mixes in a fifth of alcohol and measures to about 16 drinks. SIXTEEN DRINKS! Some is even more. If consumed in one sitting by one person, that should raise some concerns. Hey, I'm not one to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do, but it probably isn't a terrible idea to talk with kids seeing these TikToks the importance of being safe and if they were to consume, not overdoing it.

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