It's like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween all in one place! The Minnesota State Fair is underway and I ventured over to the 'Great Minnesota Get Together' over the weekend. Friday was the perfect day for it too--not too hot and not too cold. It was perfect sweat shirt weather--and I ate way too much food. It's OK though because this is what I've been dieting since January for...

I started by splitting a Pronto Pup with my fiance--then we had cheese curds, french fries, loaded baked potato with BBQ pork, ice cream and cheesecake. We went to the fair with $75 and left with $0. It was totally worth it and not that expensive when you figure that admission was included in that price.

We had so much fun that we plan to go back this Saturday! There was just way too much going on that we didn't have enough time to see it all! Plus, who couldn't use another batch of cheese curds? If you don't have the Minnesota State Fair app, I highly suggest downloading it because it was a heaven send for Dave and I--plus, it's free!

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