I have an admission; I love Ice Cream! And for some reason during the winter months the cravings intensify. I wish I knew why, maybe that’ll be a study for another post. 

Back in my hometown in North Carolina, there was a locally owned place that was there longer than I’ve been alive. It was delicious and inexpensive, and always packed. Then a few years ago they finally closed down, which honestly left a void.  

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Now that we’re in a new town, I want to know where some of the best places to get ice cream are. So again, I turned to Yelp for Help (Sorry for the Rhyme) and here’s some of what I learned: 


Mr. Twisty in St. Cloud- Two of my favorite things mentioned in a review, lower price and tasty flavor. Plus, I love the name.  

La Botana Michoacana in Waite Park- Hand Crafted Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt 

Cherry Berry in St. Cloud- Self Service with lots of options 

Red Truck Ice Cream in Cold Spring- Options, Flavor and Great Service according to Yelp.  

Grilled Cravings and Ice Cream in Saint Joseph: Three Words- Handcrafted Ice Cream. Yum! 

Sweet Escape in Annandale- More than just cream, candy and chocolates too.  

What’s The Scoop in Buffalo: Mostly 5-star reviews on Yelp means this place is a must try. 

There are other chain restaurants that offer Ice Cream, Milk Shakes and the like, and some of those are I’ve tried already and enjoyed. The places listed above; I’ve not tried yet but plan to. And if there’s any that Yelp missed, please send the recommendations along, I hear the winters are long here which means I’ll have a lot of time to try your suggestions in addition to the places I’ve listed above.  


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