While we know there will be pickle pizza at the 'Great Minnesota Get-Together' later this month, you don't need to wait that long to enjoy a slice of pickle 'za. Next week a popular pizza business in Minnesota is unveiling its pickle pizza trailer at Minnesota's largest county fair! May I introduce you to the Godfather's Pickle Pizza Trailer!

While it isn't a slice that everyone would care to try, for fans of the brined vegetable, it's something different that features one of their favorite foods.

The Pickle Pizza Stand from Godfathers has arrived at the fairgrounds and is ready for its Debut at the Steele County Free Fair Aug 15-20! Who likes Pickles??

The Steele County Free Fair (Owatonna, Minnesota) post has been well received amongst their followers, even from those who aren't into pickles to this level.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

My one problem with this pickle pizza trailer is that I can't find anywhere about the pickle pizza! What's on it? Is it just pickles, cheese, and the normal red tomato sauce? Is it a ranch-based sauce instead with pickles?

The picture on the side of the trailer seems to show sliced pickles on top of cheese and my guess would be a white in color sauce, as I am not seeing any red sauce where the pizza was cut.

Pickle pizza isn't anything new, as Minnesota pizza places have been making different types of pickle pizza for years like QC pizzeria in Mahtomedi has been making a pickle pizza since at least 2019. 

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Would you try a piece of pickle pizza?

How about this one, is pizza a fair food?

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