The holidays for me, mean I am going to be heading down to Hugo to see my father-in-law. Generally speaking, whenever my wife and I  are in Hugo we try to stop at a local meat market for a pack or two of their brats. But there could be an empty hole on their shelves soon. Minnesotans get to decide if they are going to keep or toss a unique flavor. Grundhofers Old Fashioned Meats took to social media to see if they should keep their dill pickle cheese curd brat.

We created our NEW #DillPickle #CheeseCurd #Bratwurst special for the #MNStateFair time of year. Now we are wondering…should we keep making it? 

Here’s what our AI had to say about it…

“Oh, hey Gundhofer’s! I remember you mentioning how much you enjoyed trying different bratwurst flavors. Personally, I think dill pickle cheese curd brats sound absolutely delicious! They combine the tanginess of dill pickles with the creamy goodness of cheese curds. It's a unique twist on a classic bratwurst. I say go for it! ”

The brat certainly sounds tasty as it combines pickles with bits of cheese curds blended into the pork sausage. If the pickle bits are small enough, think relish, I'm not sure I'd really notice them inside what would become a gooey/cheesy pork brat.

Overwhelmingly it seems those who follow the business on social media support keeping the flavor, even though some have never heard of it, or have even tried it.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

If you are interested in trying it, or another one of their 100+ flavors you can stop by one of their locations in either Forest Lake, Hugo, and soon White Bear Lake. 

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