When you've ever seen Man -vs- Food, they never show any monster challenges in Minnesota. There are plenty of them in our state, and here's where they are!

The TV show Man -vs- Food re-started a craze around the country, challenging people to try to eat a monster menu item in hopes of earning a free meal as well as bragging rights. These restaurants can be difficult to find, and it's likely that 90% of us could never pass the challenge.


Different challenges can range from eating the hottest wings known to man, to massive cuts of steak, to burgers the size of your head. It doesn't take a large person to win these challenges either. Some of the biggest appetites come from people who look like they rarely eat!

The website, EatFeats.com has a list of all known food challenges in each U.S. state, and fortunately for us Minnesotans, we don't have to travel very far. Here's some of the coolest food challenge restaurants within an hour of the central Minnesota area:

Cold Spring - Eddie's on Grand has "Wilbur's Revenge". If you can beat this challenge in 45 minutes you get the meal for free. This is a sandwich that's over 5 pounds, that includes:  1 lb. roast beef, 1 lb. corned beef, 8 oz. sauce, 8 oz. cheese, 1 lb. toppings, 1 lb. bread & 1.5 lb. fries.

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Otsego - Boondox has the "80th Street Challenge" that includes a 2 pound burger and 3 pounds of french fries. If you can eat it within 30 minutes it's free!

St. Cloud - Shooters Saloon and Eatery has the "Dave Burger Challenge". This is a progressive contest and usually can hardly be beat with their 7-1/3rd pound patties with toppings on a bun. If it gets beat then the next contestant get's another 1/3 pound patty added to it...then you get it free and get a t-shirt.

Princeton - Finish Line Cafe has a huge challenge with their "Six Pound Porkey's Nightmare Challenge". If you can eat this sandwich that contains  2 lbs. of seasoned pork, 2 lbs. of smoked ham, 1 lb. of bacon & 1/2 lb. of pepper jack cheese then you get it free along with a t-shirt and your name on the wall.

These are just a small sample of what's in the list, but located very close to home! Think you're up to a challenge? It's always a good idea to call ahead of time to find out specifics of each place's challenge, to make sure you can take the challenge when you show up.

There's a great challenge warm-up for you this weekend with Wingfest 2017 at Benton County Fairgrounds on Saturday (April 22, 2017). There's no official challenge for eating wings, but they're cooking up 36,000 wings so there's plenty for you to challenge family and friends! Get the Wingfest 2017 info here.

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images
Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

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