The Chicago Cubs won the World Series last night -- it's the first time in 108 years. That means that their curse is finally over! One player from the Cleveland Indians refuses to brush his teeth during a winning streak. Yes, It's safe to say they're both a  little superstitious, but aren't all sports fans? Here in Minnesota we're a little superstitious too, whether we want to admit it or not.

The Minnesota Twins have been known to wear the same style of hat during every single game when they're on a winning streak. It's safe to say we didn't see much of that this season.

In Minnesota hockey, players aren't allowed to touch the Stanley Cup unless they win it. If they touch the trophy, they'll be cursed to never win the most coveted prize. That's not just NHL players who believe that, it's all serious hockey players at all levels. During playoffs, most players won't cut their hair or shave their beards either. It's believed to be bad luck!

I personally refuse to say out loud that I think my team is going to win. I feel like it's the ultimate jinx. I also won't say the phrase "no hitter" if a pitcher is in the middle of a possible no hitter game! What little superstition or ritual do you have to ensure that your teams win their games?

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