Meet Jeff Johnson from St. Cloud. He’s our October Veteran of the Month! He was nominated by his sister Sue who had this to say about him:

He has put his country first many times ... He is truly a dedicated solider. He is encouraging and leads by example. I am very proud of him and don't tell him often."

Johnson is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enlisted in the Marine Corp at the age of 18 because his dad served. Johnson says he felt it was an honor to serve his country. "It's kind of insane--the responsibility they put on people," said Johnson. "The first time someone shoots at you, you want to crawl away and hide, but pretty soon it's like 'Oh God, another drive by shooting.' "

He ended up serving three tours of duty because he waned to help bring the young marines home safely and serve as their mentor. Johnson said he really enjoyed working with younger Marines and watching them become really good people.

Johnson enjoyed being able to travel around the world in the Marine Corp and push himself to his limits. He said one of his favorite things to do was jump out of airplanes.

Johnson decided to make a career out of the military and served for more than 20 years. He enlisted in 1990 and retired in 2013. During his time he traveled to multiple countries and fought in two wars.

Johnson continues to protect his country as a Minnesota firefighter. He is also educating himself to become an EMS. In his free time Johnson enjoys fishing with his son.

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