I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Kim Tjaden, Family Doctor and Medical Director of CentraCare last week, regarding Covid.  You can listen to the full interview here.

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We discussed in detail about where to go to find legitimate information about Covid-19. Dr. Tjaden is a doctor that cares about her patients and community. She said that there are two great websites that we can trust for current and valid covid information, and those include the Minnesota Department of Health website and The Center For Disease Control & Prevention.


She also mentioned that many people right now think they have just a cold, which includes a sore throat, a runny nose, and itchy eyes. Dr. Tjaden said that if you have these symptoms, it very well could be COVID 19, and you should be tested. She said that COVID-19 can be very tricky and hard to figure out. You won't be able to 'feel' the difference.


We discussed in length the reasoning for the resistance to vaccinations. In some cases, she agreed that people just don't like being told they HAVE to do something. On this point, she hoped that when it comes to protecting our neighbors and caring about others, vaccinations have protected us from so many different things in the past that could have devastated our populations. We are lucky that there have been years of research on COVID in general before we had to start searching for vaccination for COVID-19. She says think about others. No one ever thinks they will get COVID, but we know other people are getting it.

There are many locations where you can go in central Minnesota for your FREE vaccinations and a few locations that are open 24/7. She said you could go to the armory and just drive up, with no appointment necessary.

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