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Jacob Wetterling Resource Center posted that 30 years ago on October 22nd, Jacob was taken from us. The post reads as follows:

"Jacob Wetterling was taken from us 30 years ago on October 22nd. He is gone and that loss will always be profoundly unfair.

We are thankful for all the hearts that refuse to let the light of Jacob's Hope burn out. We ask that as you turn on your porch light or lamp this Tuesday to light the way home for all missing people that you also renew your commitment to living out the 11 for Jacob traits. The world can use some more kindness, gentleness, and good friends today and always.

Give your kids a hug. Make the corner of your world a more understanding and joyful place."


1.   Be fair.
2.   Be kind.
3.   Be understanding.
4.   Be honest.
5.   Be thankful.
6.   Be a good sport.
7.   Be a good friend.
8.   Be joyful.
9.   Be generous.
10. Be gentle with others.
11. Be positive.