Grilled cheese has never been a favorite of mine, just because it's toasted bread and cheese.  There's some genius people out there that have come up with some variations that I think are probably pretty tasty.

The Huffington Post compiled a list of insane grilled cheese recipes and I have to say there's a few I'm going to have to test out.

The first one I'm going to test out is the one with gouda cheese and potato chips.  I don't know that I will use gouda cheese but I'm all about the potato chips for that extra added crunchiness.  It just sounds so tasty!

I'm also digging the smashed potato one with little red potatoes.  You use Parmesan and cheddar cheeses, plus your potatoes are made with olive oil.  Then you add sour cream.  I'm sorry that sounds like a little piece of heaven on earth!

Check out all the different ways to spice up your grilled cheese sandwich!  Do you have a cool grilled cheese recipe?


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