(Almost) everyone deserves a second chance, right?

Emily Hunt Turner believes so. She's opening All Square - a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant in south Minneapolis. Gourmet? Grilled cheese? Yes, please!

The tag on her website is "Grilled Cheese with a Purpose." The purpose that she's referencing is employing those that spent some time in The Slammer, The Hoosegow, The Clink.

Yes. Former criminals who spent time behind bars.

The reason? Turner's time as a civil rights attorney showed her how broken the criminal justice system is. Ex-cons can be denied access to jobs and public housing; even staying with friends and family living in public housing is often illegal. Former criminals are left with few choices to lead a legal life, which often results in recidivism.


So Turner - unable to do much as an attorney - is instead opening the grilled cheese shop (a non-profit) to employ the unemployable.

And thus, giving those who've made mistakes what they usually want: a second chance.

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