There are some that enjoy trying all sorts of unique foods. From chocolate covered bugs to the spiciest foods that will send you running for a bucket of water to dunk your head in. For me, I love the savory and sweet treats and this is one I am definitely going to try!

What screams comfort food more than grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies? Now, what if we combined those two awesome comfort foods to create an ooey gooey treat!

Introducing the Chocolate Chip Cookie Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Chef Stef at has come up with this recipe that blends the sweetness of chocolate chip cookies with the saltiness of cheese to create a dessert that sounds truly yummy.

Now if you aren’t adventurous in your food choices, there are some other tame recipes at the site that you can use or add your own twist.

I’m thinking this little dessert might make an appearance at an upcoming gathering at my place! Get the full recipe and some tips from the Cupcake Project website and bookmark them in your browser for a quick go-to site for some neat treats!

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