It's going to be a very beautiful weekend in Minnesota--temperatures in the 60's! So, it's safe to say that dogs and their owners will be busting out of the house and taking full advantage of the sunshine. If you're a dog owner, you might want to bring a poo baggie and pay extra attention to what your dog is putting in its mouth this weekend.

Business Insider recently looked at why dogs eat their own, and sometimes other dog's, (how do I put this?) poop. It's a fact of life. Our little fur babies can be completely disgusting and we're not really sure why.

Dog cognition researcher Dr. Alexandra Horowitz finally has an explanation for us. She says dogs eat their own poop because it's how they gather information about the world. It's kind of like how we observe our surroundings by using our eye sight--dogs need to taste things to get information about them. Dogs have a special organ in their nose that their owners don't, and it's called vomeronasal. By sampling other dog's waste, the vomeronasal organ absorbs its chemicals that in turn gives your dog information about the animal whose waste they are sampling.

So before you get totally grossed out by your dog this weekend, just realize that your dog is kind of a's still gross. The good news is that it's going to be in the 60's this weekend!!.

P.S. Dog owners, please remember to clean up after your dog!


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