The weather is getting nice out again and that means two things for us. Stroller rage is becoming a very real thing...and it's dog poop season again. The two things don't always mix very well. Let me explain.

I LOVE seeing our proud little fur babies, wagging their cute little tails while they're out and about with their owners. It's probably one of the ultimate signs of spring.

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It's also great seeing moms and dads with their kids strolling around the neighborhood again. But, I am the mom of a toddler who knows what it's like to pick dog poop out of a stroller wheel. Guys, if this has never happened to you before, take it from's GROSS. It'll make you want to abandoned the stroller where it is and cut your losses or just burn it with fire.

What's even worse is when your toddler accidentally on purpose steps in dog poop after you've warned them not to. I don't even bother with trying to salvage the shoes, they just go right in the trash.

In St. Cloud all dog owners are required to pick up their dog poop immediately. That doesn't mean leave it for now and circle back to it tomorrow on your walk, Tina. That means, the dog poops, and you pick it up NOW.

According to St. Cloud's Animal Control Ordinance Subd. 4, "It is the duty of each person having the custody or control of a dog, cat or other animal to voluntarily and promptly remove any feces left by such dog animal on any sidewalk, gutter, street, park land or other property, or any public area and to dispose of the feces in a sanitary manner and to have in immediate possession a device or equipment for the picking up and removal of feces."

Woah that was a long way to say, pick up the poop, people. If the pup poops on the sidewalk in front of your yard, pick it up. If the dog decides to take a sit down in the dog park, get your baggie ready. If your fur baby runs off into your neighbor's yard, it's your duty to clean the duty.

The City of St. Cloud also has some best practices to follow in your own yard. In their 'Good Neighbor Notes'. They suggest picking up your dog's poop at a minimum of every two days so that the smell stays under control and gross runoff doesn't start seeping into your neighbor's area.

Yeah, you might have some work to do this weekend after letting it build up in the backyard all spring. The great news is, I'm sure there's a neighbor kid who'd love to make a few extra bucks. And, even though we're talking about St. Cloud, this really applies to all of central Minnesota.

There's someone who needs to hear this today and we're here for you.

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