Spring is in the air, and day time temperatures are starting to get above freezing. Which means melting snow, and things becoming uncovered. The city of Foley has been noticing some rather unpleasant things that were hidden under the snow all winter.

So, uh...There's a little issue we need to discuss. The snow is melting and now we're seeing a lot of dog poop.

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Yep. As the snow melts, more and more dog poop is being uncovered. I know my back yard is due for a good cleaning for the same reason, but my backyard also isn't public property. I'm not letting my shih tzu do his business on sidewalks without cleaning it up.

The City of Foley Facebook page issued a reminder to please pick up after your dogs, and don't let them run off leash. The Foley PD Facebook page shared the post and added, "Guys. Seriously."

As we transition into the spring season just remember to cleanup after your pets and keep an eye on them. Simple stuff that will make life easier for not only yourself but also your friends and neighbors. And the city workers that work to keep the town looking tidy.

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