Far too often, people just suck. It's worse when it involves poop.

Dog poop. Weirdo.

Also: EW!

Hear no poo, see no poo, smell no poo... (Getty Images)

If only there was some way to shame a dog owner that doesn't pick up his/her dog's poop at a parkOH WAIT THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT!

It's cleverly called Pooper Snooper. And now you can't unthink that.

booooooo... (Getty Images)

So what, specifically, does this app do? It works in tandem with your Map app (rhymed!) to alert other users of the Pooper Snooper app to where unattended turds have been left.

And then it gets weird.

You can also take a pic of the poo and add notes of the smell & color. You should really know that if someone sees you taking a picture of random poop on the ground, they'll take a picture of you and post it online.

Poop snoop at your own risk.

H/T: Metro

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