I love staying in hotels, but climbing into your nicely made bed may not be exactly what you expected. This is a story you've got to see.

Keep in mind this story was done on some hotels in New York, but it makes you wonder if this happens even in Minnesota! The thought of it makes me cringe, wondering how many hotels this may have happened to me with.

We've been well-warned about taking the top comforter off the bed, and wiping down the remote at a hotel, but this isn't something we should need to worry about. After seeing this, it's more possible than I could have ever imagined.

How would you ever know, unless it was obvious that it wasn't washed? I'm not willing to spray a message on the sheets and check in the next day just to see if they washed the sheets. Of course you can see why a hotel may be able to get away with it.

All I can hope is that this gets shared around enough to the point that every hotel is aware that people may be scanning the sheets with a microscope when they check in.

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