As a 'Golf Star Family' member, I'm thankful for Veteran's Day in so many ways. This year it has been a blessing more than the day normally is. I'll explain why...

I'd like to say first and foremost, that this day is about our Veterans who served this country and put their life on the line to make sure we continued to be a free nation. With war comes casualty and they offered their lives up for our country knowing they could become a statistic. Please thank a Veteran today, and everyone in uniform as this is their day.

So why has today been a blessing as well because of it being Veteran's Day? It seems like much of social media has been distracted from the bickering about the presidential election, and put focus on thanking a veteran, reminding people of the day we are celebrating today, as well as posting pictures of the veterans they are thankful for. I'm actually looking forward to scrolling through my Facebook wall today, hearing about all the great people who've served our country...and not about hatred for the election results.

Thank you america for focusing on our Vets, and THANK YOU to our Veterans. This day is yours and in my opinion, all year should be Veterans day.