I'm not sure where any of the data used to create this chart came from if there was data, but Minnesota was just listed as a state you vacation in, to see relatives. It's like this chart maker hasn't heard of the MOA before. (I jest) But for real, Minnesota has a lot to offer people who visit, even if they are coming to see their relatives.

Matt Surelee Charts posted the vacation 'chart' yesterday, but I had seen it a few other places before I found it here.

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Joining Minnesota in its rating of being a state where you only go on vacation there to visit relatives was:






New Jersey






I don't think there is a category on this chart that would be any better or really any worse than designated as a family reunion destination.

Well, there is the distinction that North Dakota and Idaho get... (Where you never go)

To me and millions more Minnesota is home rather than a state that offers a family reunion. I have grown to appreciate our 183,326 miles of shoreline, phenomenal arts and music districts, museums, and destinations, the Mall of America, and in most years FOUR distinct seasons.

I promise if you've never been to Minnesota before we've got more than your relatives to offer. Whether it's going to visit this fun bar up in Lawler, you want to join in on the mini bike ride to Orr, or if you want to relax out on the lake there is plenty to do here in the #BoldNorth.

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