If you've never heard of Lawler Minnesota, you aren't alone. It's a tiny town, it features a few homes, some boarded-up buildings, and a bar. The bar, the last remaining one in town, might also be one of the best depending on what you are looking for. The online reviews of Jackson's Hole are honest and pretty good for the only place in town to grab a bite to eat or have a beer.

Lawler Minnesota is located in Aitkin County within Salo Township. The community is located near the junction of Aitkin County Roads 13, 16, and 27, Kestrel Avenue.

Lawler had a lot of things most towns had, like a post office, train depot, co-op, a creamery, a mercantile store, and a gas station. Of course, Lawler also had a bar, and that's about all that was left standing and open in his small community, other than of course some residences.

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The bar has a few reviews online and has a 4-star average on Tripadvisor. However, it might not be the food that people are most impressed with when they leave. Apparently, Jackson's Hole has some awesome barstools! This is what one TripAdvisor review had to say about the bar.

Very likely there are not many people who know where Lawler, MN. is, let alone ever heard of it. Well, I used to hang out in this town in the summers back when I was a kid as I had cousins who lived here. I was back again this weekend. Gone are the grocery/co-op stores, gas station, other bars, and churches. All that remains are the homes, a few dilapidated buildings, and this very lively place. Jackson's Hole is what used to be the Co-op Store. It's a nice bar for good food, drinks, and friendly conversation. What is most unique about this place are the hand-carved wooden bar stools made by a local artist who has now passed away. Each bar stool is one of a kind, irreplaceable, and not for sale, though many people have tried to buy them. Finding Lawler may not be easy, It's mailing address is McGregor about 12 miles away. If you do find it, have a drink or something to eat, but do try out one of these very cool bar stools. - traveltheworld012 via Tripadvisor.com 

There are a few online pictures of the stools, and this reviewer is right they are one of a kind!

Image Credit: Seth Hardmeyer via Facebook
Image Credit: Seth Hardmeyer via Facebook

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