A TikTok user who films himself throwing plungers at business signs has gotten the a-ok from Target.

Chris Ivan started his TikTok career in 2020 performing ridiculous stunts and pranks. In his very first video, he sits in a tub filled with mayonnaise (we're not sure why) as his dad sticks his head into it.

In other videos Chris can be seen walking on his hands through a store, visiting a coffee shop dressed as Buddy the Elf, going through a car wash in the open back of a pickup truck and dancing in public places.

While his videos already earned him millions of views on TikTok, Chris really found his schtick when he began filming himself throwing plungers at business signs. In what appears to be his first such video dated January 18, 2022, Chris can be seen throwing a plunger at the giant sign on a Target store, hitting the logo smack dab in the middle. "The proudest moment of my life," he captioned the video.

The video caught the attention of the Minnesota-based retailer, with Target replying, "Can you do it again I was walking my fish." Days later, Chris posted another video of himself hitting the Target sign with a plunger. "It is both my honor and duty, to do anything you ask," reads the caption.

Even Target security got a kick out of Chris' stunt.

He states that he always gets a business' permission to throw a plunger at their sign. Other businesses he's filmed himself throwing plungers at include Taco Bell, Starbucks, KFC, Panda Express, Wendy's, Walmart, Chick-Fil-A, IKEA, Club Pilates and Snap Fitness. In February, he even flew out to New Jersey after American Dream invited him to come throw plungers around Nickelodeon Universe.

Target seems to be Chris' favorite location for throwing plungers; Target also seems to be the only business to have publicly approved of his stunts. Watch more of Chris' videos on TikTok.

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