Minnesota-based Target is set to deploy new security methods at self-checkout stands. The new level of security is a camera system that identifies when individuals who aren't scanning items before leaving, even after being prompted by staff to scan items.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal (paywall) cites Bloomberg in getting internal documents from Target that describe the new security measures.

The camera system, called TruScan, is meant to identify shoppers "who repeatedly fail to scan their items even after being prompted," according to the documents. It's the latest effort by retailers to rein in so-called "inventory shrink" — a catchall term that includes goods lost to shoplifting, damage or other mishaps.

Earlier this year Target announced it was putting an item limit on its self-checkout stands, and has made plans to have more traditional checkout stands open during peak shopping times to alleviate the 'shrink'.

What's 'Shrink'?

Shrink is an industry term that is used when referring to inventory that was lost in ways other than being sold. Indeed.com had this to say about 'shrinkage'

"Retail shrinkage occurs when a company loses inventory from causes other than sales. Retail shrinkage causes a discrepancy between the inventory list and the number of products actually in stock. Shrinkage can occur because of shoplifting, employee theft, return fraud, administrative errors, and operational loss."

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There wasn't any information on how much these camera systems would cost Target, what stores they would be put in, or where they were tested.


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