A recent transplant to Minnesota, Janet has found herself something of a viral sensation -- both on social media and national television -- for her creative cold-weather art.

Janet Steward and her family recently moved to Alexandria, Minnesota from Michigan. While accustomed to the cold and snow of the Upper Peninsula, the recent subzero temperatures of central Minnesota have been a new level of extreme weather conditions for the Midwest gal. Rather than hiding indoors and complaining, however, she's embraced the frigid air with some creative cold-weather art that has gone viral on TikTok. She started with a video of a frozen cracked egg.

"In case you're wondering how cold it is here in Minnesota, it's this cold," she laughs, revealing a cracked egg frozen on the ground.


The video has been viewed nearly 142k times and led to some more creative cold-weather art. Her next video featured frozen spaghetti.

"Somebody told me to try spaghetti," she laughs, picking up a plate of frozen noodles wrapped around a fork. "I mean, c'mon! I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a whack job."


That video has been viewed a whopping 646k times on TikTok. But the video that really got the internet's attention and secured Janet's stardom was her next cold-weather art project -- frozen pants.

"So yesterday I was having fun freezing some eggs and some spaghetti cause it's so cold here, and someone suggested that we freeze our pants. So last night as a family," she laughs, revealing pairs of stiff jeans standing upright in the Minnesota cold, "we froze our pants off!"


The video earned over 4 million views on TikTok and a guest feature on the Weather Channel where Janet shared more about her cold-weather art projects. When asked if she's ever considered moving to a warmer state like Florida or Texas, she revealed that her husband is a hockey coach, so she's pretty committed to the cold. Summer in Minnesota will present a new challenge for her TikTok creativity, but she's up for it.


Follow along with Janet's cold-weather fun on TikTok here. For a list of your own family-friendly cold-weather projects, check out the list of ideas we put together here.

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