When my family gathers for the holidays, we sometimes have fun with lottery scratch off tickets. I was cleaning out one of my dresser drawers a few weeks ago, and found a lottery ticket that I had won $5 on from two Christmases back.

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At first, I was going to toss it in the garbage. I thought for sure that if I brought this in to have it cashed, they would just laugh in my face.


So instead of bringing it in locally to be laughed at for even trying, I decided to mail the winning ticket in to the corporate office to see if it really indeed was still good, and if they would honor it?

Sure enough, yesterday I received this letter from the Minnesota Lottery:

Thank you for submitting tickets to the Minnesota Lottery. Please find enclosed payment for all winning tickets. 

Proceeds generated by the Lottery benefit the Environmental & Natural Resources Trust Fund, and Minnesota's General Fund, which are used to support a variety of state services.

If you have any questions in regards to your tickets, please contact our Customer Support Department, at 651.635.8273, Option 2.

Thank you for playing the Minnesota Lottery.

Have you ever won just a few dollars and didn't bring them in? Just threw them away thinking that the tickets were outdated? Next time, before you throw them away, spend a little on a stamp and envelope and mail them all in together. You just might get lucky like I did. Hey! $5 bucks goes a long way at times. Thank you Minnesota Lottery, and whoever it was at our family Christmas party two years ago that purchased the lottery tickets!


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