Have you watched "The Good Doctor?"  I'm totally hooked. I stayed up one night and binge watched as much as I could, until I finished out the series a second night. I was left hanging:  "Where is Sean?!?!?!!?"  I'm still asking...still searching. Is he coming back? What is he doing?

I rarely watch television...I'm just too busy. But somehow, this show sucked me in. I'm intrigued with the possibilities of people with autism; and this show deals with the amazing capabilities and challenges that those with autism face; but shows an amazing side of the positive things autistic minds can bring to society.

This series deals with issues that our country is dealing with right now, and has a very interesting bunch of characters; some of them conceited, yet kind. Some of them not so nice; but incredibly talented. Do these people have to walk the line or get special treatment because of their amazing talents that can save lives?

If you're looking for a great series, "The Good Doctor" is a great choice. I recommend you find it online and get caught up before the big season opener on January 8th at 9 pm on ABC.

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