Kids just want to have their 'own' thing. We ruined Facebook for them, just like every other social network they started using. Should we just give them their peace?

This isn't a new thing with kids, you did it before in your younger days too. It may have not been with Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, but maybe it was that video game like Atari. It could have been music like the Beatles, or Def Leppard, whatever it is that would make you cringe if your parents were all into it too.


I asked my 15 years old son Logan why he's not on Facebook ever. he said that none of his friends are on there hardly at all, and when they were on there they got embarrassed constantly by their parents. It's actually pretty true around the board! Us 'old people' are who use Facebook, and the kids pretty much dominate Instagram and Snapchat.

They just want to take goofy pictures and post them to their friends for comments and reactions. They don't want Mom, Dad, and Grandma responded with "That's my handsome, beautiful boy!". It's embarrassing and unwelcome.

Go ahead, ask your kid(s), I'll bet they have the same response as I got from my son. If they tell you they like you being on there - they're lying...

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