I believe that I reported to you after I received my first Covid shot that I had no symptoms other than maybe a little soreness around the shot sight. I had no rash, no fever, no aches and pains. There were no chills, and I didn't feel draggy at all. I just kept on going and was scheduled for my second shot yesterday, Tuesday, April 27th.

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This shot was a bit different. I still didn't have any pain when getting the shot. It was a little sore around the area...but then...I did start having some symptoms.

My neck started to ache on the opposite side of where I got the shot.  The aching sort of spread across my shoulders, and through my neck and the sorness in my right arm, where I received the shot, was also a bit more painful than the first time.

By morning, I was having full on chills, and aching all over. I actually came in to work, but went back home after about 45 minutes. I took a couple ibuprofen, wrapped up in my bathrobe, grabbed a heating pad, and went back to bed.

I was chilling for the full two hours, but once I got up at 9 am, I DID feel a bit better. Now I've had a cup of coffee and a bit of breakfast, and I feel almost normal again.

I tell you this, not to scare you; just to let you know that I'm assuming my body is building it's army to fight for me should I be exposed in the future.  I figure the odds of something going wrong with a shot, versus something going wrong if I catch Covid?  I'd rather give my body a fighting chance. I also want to protect those around me.

Be brave. Get your shot. Protect those you love. :-)

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