You're in recovery from your addiction! Hats off to you! It's not an easy road but getting your life back is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself and those that care about you.

Now that you're on that road to recovery, you still need help navigating through the twists and turns recovery can bring. The holidays can be a slippery slope when caught off guard, so let's make a plan together and make sure you stay on your road to recovery. My friend Major John Donovan with The Recovery Community Network has written a book about his life and recovery and always gives hope to those struggling with addiction.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes


John had some great tips for helping those individuals stay on their path to recovery. Let's look at the various situations you may be in, and see if we can find some solutions for you.

1. I'm going to a family or business function where there will be alcohol but I don't drink. What do I do?

Bring something non-alcoholic with you in case there are no alcoholic beverages available. Let someone know in your recovery circle that you're going to an event and you would like them to be your accountability check. Make sure you have an exit strategy. Don't be dependent on someone else's timetable for leaving the event. Make sure you have a backup plan like Uber, Lyft, a Taxi, or a friend in recovery that will come and get you when you are ready to leave.

2. I don't drink, but I'm hosting an event where there is an expectation that adult beverages will be served. What should I do? 

First, it's your space, your rules.  If you're not comfortable serving alcohol then don't.  Your real friends and family will understand. Provide festive non-alcoholic holiday drinks.  Soft drinks and bottled water can be rather boring.  Spice up your holiday drink offerings with innovative options like non-alcoholic champagne, non-alcoholic punches, or sparkling water cut with fruit juices.  If you feel obligated to serve alcohol, don't over-order and have it sitting around afterward.  Remember your family and friends may not drink as much as you think they do.

3. I'm estranged from my family at this time and I don't have plans for the holidays. What can I do?  Where can I go?

Meeting makers make it.  There is a plethora of meeting options for people in recovery during the holiday period.  Our motto is, "The disease doesn't take any days off, so the solution doesn't take any days off either."  Being with people in recovery can add joy, fulfillment, and contentment to your life at what otherwise may be a difficult time.


It can be a great save to go to a meeting and there are several around our area for you to participate in. You can go to ALL of them or choose one.

  • Thursday, November 24th
    6:30-7:30 pm
    St. Cloud Alano Club
    127 7th Ave NE
    St. Cloud MN

This is an open meeting of A.A. sponsored by TNYPAA. Newcomers and out-of-town guests are all especially welcome.


For a full list of other meetings on Thanksgiving and every other day of the week, click HERE now.  Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations on getting on that road to recovery!


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