SAUK RAPIDS - Whether its playing saxophone in band or boxing in the ring, Sauk Rapids Rice freshman Annabel Kelly has already found plenty of success in life.

Kelly says her involvement in saxophone started in the 6th grade. She plays alto sax in 9th grade band and tenor sax in jazz band. She's also been selected for the all-state band that performed in Elk River.

Annabel Kelly after a recent band practice. (Dan DeBaun, WJON)
Annabel Kelly after a recent band practice. (Dan DeBaun, WJON)

"It's great to share your talent with others and express music. I love music, my Dad was in band so I thought I'd try it."

Many days Kelly will transition from a quiet leader in band to a dedicated boxer at the downtown St. Cloud gym. She practices sax about two hours each day and usually has boxing practice four nights a week.


"My older sister wanted to do it and I thought 'I'll go along' and I got into it a lot more than she did. I started about three years ago."

Band teacher Scott Campbell says it’s almost hard to imagine her switching back and forth from each activity.

"You have that image of her as being the quiet, hard working kid here and you try to think about her in the ring. Using the skills to make that happen, it's like: where's that part of her here?'"

She was also involved in softball as a catcher. Her schedule was hectic but she did all of this while being on the A honor roll.

"At one point I was in jazz band, softball and boxing and I did drama. That was pretty stressful."

As for boxing Kelly says it’s always fun to blow off some steam after school.

"It can be fun because you get to hit people and things."

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