It's crazy that this event is happening right now. For a very short period of time a few years back, I had the privilege of being the momma to a few chickens in Princeton. They were amazing, and I just fell in love with the idea of caring for them. I would go out to their pens every day and let them out. They would come running to me when they would see me.  I'd let them run around the yard, while I cleaned out their home and collected their eggs, which they were very good at hiding.

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Well...maybe you can't have a hen where you live...but you CAN do this.

What would you name your chicken?  I like country music star Wynonna...Tammy Wynette... Miranda...right?  How cute would that be!!!

You can adopt a hen at Forgotten Flavors.


The Adopt-A-Hen program has been created to educate consumers about farming, and farming practices to combat climate change.

If you want to do something educational and fun with the kids, you can become a part of the program, and learn where our food comes from, how to support local ag, and so much more.

By signing up, you'll be able to:

  • Name a chicken
  • Get your name on the wall of fame
  • Pick up your personalized certificate


The free event will be taking place at Milk & Honey Ciders on May 15th & May 16th from 12pm to 3:30 pm each day, at 11738 County Road 51
St. Joseph, MN, 56374.


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