I love my job and my co-workers! But, every now-and-then my buttons get pushed just like anyone else's. I've got pretty thick skin and a ton of patience (I was the oldest of five kids).

I don't think I'm alone with my frustrations. Here are some things that drive me crazy in the work space;

1. I hate when people try to sell me things. No, I don't want to buy Girl Scout cookies--I'm on a diet. No, I don't want to buy candy bars for your kid's baseball team--I'm on a diet. I don't want to be in a calendar raffle, I've got a calendar on my cell phone and I certainly don't need another magazine subscription (I have a million of them from buying things from my own family). This makes me sound so cold and mean, but it's annoying.

2. Office bragging. Need I say more? Your co-workers probably don't care about the size of your house, or your house boat on Lake Minnetonka. I don't want to know that your second cousin knows Tom Cruise. If it comes up in casual conversation, that's one thing. But, if you're trying to bring it up in conversation, that's a whole other thing.

3. I don't like being interrupted. Everyone likes to feel heard when they're speaking. We all have that one co-worker who doesn't pay attention to anything you have to say. They're just focusing on what they are going to say next. They don't let you get a word in edge-wise.

4. Showing up to work late. I get that this happens to the best of us every now-and-then. But, when you're known for being late more often than not, we've got a problem. This is especially true if I'm counting on you for something.

5. Doing tons of personal stuff at work. We all have lives, but for eight hours a day you're supposed to put your personal life on hold and do the job you were paid to do. I am a believer in working hard and doing more than what's asked. It stresses me out sometimes when I see co-workers handling personal business at work. This isn't to say that it's never OK to take a personal call, but, when it happens every day it's frustrating. I don't need to hear you talk to your husband about the fight you had last night. AWKWARD.

What gets your blood boiling, or presses your buttons at work?

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