Want to stand out from the employment pack...in a good way?
Behold: tips for being gooder than good at your job! 

1) Offer solutions, not problems
Don't complain about what's wrong with things. Share ideas on how to fix it!

2) Keep your promises
The military (who are pretty dang good at 'working hard') have a term called the Say-Do Gap. It's the gap between what you say and what you do. Keep that gap NARROW.


3) Take on extra responsibilities that'll give you new job skills
Know more than you need to. Do more than you need to. Be a go-getter!

4) Be able to say 'no'
This is a big one. You want to take on extra responsibilities, but don't take on too many. Work within your means! You can say no without being perceived as lazy or insubordinate. If your boss thinks you are just for saying no, you just might need to be your boss's replacement!

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