So with that, a FULL DISCLOSURE thing: I fricking love Vermont. My very first solo vacation was taken there. It was during their jazz festival on Church Street in Burlington, and it was an amazing time.

Want to earn ten thousand dollars just for moving? I mean, it's $10,000! What I'm saying is, yes.

This past Spring, Vermont governor Phil "GREAT!" Scott signed into law the greatest bill I can personally think of at this very moment. It's called The Remote Worker Grant Program, and it'll pay you to move to Vermont and remotely (via internet or satellite) work for your out-of-state employer.

The catch? You have to be able to work remotely, so a limited range of jobs would support it. The $10,000 is not a lump sum. And the grant is used for your relocation, living, and moving expenses. If it's just you, then bonus! If you're moving a giant family, then...it helps! And you'll be able to live in Vermont!

Ned @ TSM
With views of Lake Champlain in June...like these! (Ned @ TSM)

The initiative came about because Vermont's working population is aging, and they need fresh meat tax-payers to boost the state's workforce. The initiative takes effect on January 1st, 2019. After an initial grant for 100 workers in the first three years, the program will add 20 workers per year from then on.


(Ned @ TSM)
I know...in my dreams... (Ned @ TSM)


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