Have you ever thought about giving blood?

It used to seem like such a big deal to me when I was young...the needles were scary...and I thought; how much difference can just one person make? Finally when I was in college I had a friend that said we should donate. I stopped by a local church donation drive and found that it was way easier than I thought. It was also painless. I think I sat in a chair for 15 minutes, and then I was done.

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Considering you and I might need blood someday, I would hope that there is someone else out there that's willing to do something to save the lives of others; even if it feels a little bit uncomfortable.


Did you know that blood is a perishable product that can only come from Volunteer blood donors? I didn't realize that it was perishable. There is someone in the US that needs blood donations every two seconds, and blood products must be constantly replenished.

St. John's Episcopal Church will be hosting a blood drive with the AMerican Red Cross on September 211th from Noon until 6 pm at 1111 Cooper Ave. S in St. Cloud.  Covid 19 testing will be performed at the same time as part of your donation.

The American Red Cross says that blood donors of all kinds are needed; it doesn't matter what your blood type is. There is someone out there counting on you to give.

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