Is it too early to put up the Christmas Tree?  This is a long-debated topic.  Should we wait until after Thanksgiving so that each holiday gets it's own celebration?

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I used to put mine up the day after Thanksgiving.  That's how my parents did it and I continued that tradition for a very long time.  Then a few years ago I wondered why I wait.  Christmas is, hands down, my favorite holiday.  The tree, the decorations, the lights - they just bring a feeling of pure joy.  So then I wondered, why not?  That's when I started putting it up at the beginning of November.

But I wondered how Central MN felt about the subject so I asked the question on Facebook.

My very unscientific poll of Central Minnesota residents showed that overwhelmingly folks support putting up the tree in early November.  About 70 percent said go for it!

I really like some of the comments.  Some folks said they won't put it up until after Thanksgiving but "you do you" or "your house, your rules".

I also got a good laugh from Mike who posted this as his response:

Christie said:

November 1st for me. That is when the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) starts for me. I leave it all up until well into January. It takes me about a week to get it all up so I like to get it all up early so I can fully enjoy it. It really is a time when I can actually relax at home. So, I say if it brings you joy…go for it. I don’t care if people don’t put anything up, it is completely up to the person and what makes them happy.

I know the debate will go on but it's always fun to see where everyone sits with this subject.


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