A video by Minnesota Millennial Farmer that was posted on Monday October, 28th has already racked up 4.3 million view and counting.

Zach Johnson said in the video that a neighbor had lost their dad unexpectedly last week, and there were about 400 acres of soy beans that needed to come out of the field southwest of Alexandria. Other neighbors in the area had the same idea to band together and help get the crops out. They had four combines going to get the work done on Monday and got over 200 acres taken care of in a single afternoon. The family experiencing the loss didn't even know that their neighbors were out in the fields working.

This is what America's farmers do for each other. This is who we are. When people talk about big, evil, greedy, corporate factory farming, that's us. That's me, that's my family, that's our neighbors. This is  big evil greedy corporate factory farming. People helping people.

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This is just so cool. It really goes to show how hard our farmers work, even when it isn't for their own personal gain. They are out there working together for the greater good, and just wanting to help a neighbor going through a hard time.

The Minnesota Millennial Farmer is run by Zach Johnson, a 5th generation family farmer from west central Minnesota. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day to day experience on the his family's farm with the goal of creating a connection between farmers and consumers.

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