Keith Thunem


I've been singing since I was 13 years old, and always wanted to be in a band...a REAL band.  Finding a group that actually wanted to hire a newbie girl singer/piano player back in the 1980's in central Minnesota wasn't the easiest thing to do.

Until I met a man named Gary Burger. Gary owned a recording studio in Bemidji Minnesota and asked me to do some jingle work for him; and so, I did.

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I shared with Gary how much I wanted to be in a band; when he had a thought. He introduced me to Keith Thunem, a great local musician that just happened to be looking for an addition to his newly formed band called "Chill Factor." After a meeting with Keith and a brief audition that consisted mostly of Judds tunes...Billy, Steve and Keith hired me.

We worked together for just a few short years; but were able to write music together; even recording our first album entitled "Lazy Ambition."   We even played the main stage at We Fest.

It was an exciting time; and after 29 years, I finally saw Keith face to face yesterday. It was like we never missed a beat.


He has an amazing life story and was a guest on my show today on WJON.  Music, Cancer, Divorce and Faith; It's an amazing story that I hope will lift you up.

Click the player below to listen to the interview, and here some great songs recorded by Keith.

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