I went home yesterday after work. The first thing I always do is let Gloria my dog out to go to the bathroom. I opened up my sliding glass door, stepped out onto my deck, and was surrounded by Yellow Jackets.

Very unusual. I quietly went back in the house, and watched them sort of "swarm" away. In a couple minutes they were gone. I don't know if they were just passing through, looking for a place to nest? Or if there might be something close by to be concerned about.



Then I took Gloria for a walk. We often walk along a beautiful tree and flower covered path that leads to the Sauk Rapids Bridge. All along the path, I saw hundreds, and I mean hundreds of bees on our walk.

They were everywhere..They were working hard. They were all over the flowers and didn't bother us one bit. I was fascinated and took a million pictures of the busy little bees doing what they do.


So why so many bees and wasps right now? Should we be concerned? Actually, from reading some bee facts online, this is just a really active time of year for them; and unless you see them coming in your house; swarming a certain area in your yard, you probably shouldn't be too concerned unless someone in your house is allergic to bees.

I guess the main thing to remember is...winter is coming and they are preparing for winter. Instead of thinking about killing them all; just remember; they probably aren't really wanting anything to do with you. Click HERE to learn more.

Send me your beautiful bee pictures to Kelly@minnesotasnewcountry.com.

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