The human body - so I'm told - is a temple. It turns out to also be a brewery!


A New York woman was pulled over in 2017 after being tattled on by jealous drunks...or something. She was definitely pulled-over, I might be embellishing on the "jealous drunks" part.

Anyway, her blood alcohol content (BAC) was .33... POINT THREE THREE!! That's a lot. The legal limit in New York state is .08. My math skillz put that at a touch over four times the legal limit.

Her defense: she suffers from Auto-Brewery Syndrome, also known as gut fermentation syndrome...but that doesn't sound as cool.

So instead of getting a DWI, she enlisted medical experts to help her beat the rap. After monitoring her BAC when she was definitely not drinking, they found that the BAC was quite consistently above the legal limit.

It was enough to convince the judge. The District Attorney is planning on appealing the ruling (gotsta get dat fat cash!).

The more I read about Auto-Brewery Syndrome, the more I almost wish I had it. Almost. The constant buzz would probably get old.


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