Imagine busting your butt to break a record...only to get disqualified because you didn't drink enough beer.

Never happened to me, but it did happen to a feller in Canada.


Corey Bellemore broke his own world record for the fastest time to finish the Beer Mile World Classic...which is a glorious thing.

Except he didn't drink enough beer.

A stipulation of the beer run is drinking one 12-ounce beer every quarter-mile. Corey drank most of his beer, but not enough, leaving 4 1/2 ounces of beer left (which is only half an ounce above the permissible amount to leave). His old record still stands, so he'll have another chance to gooder himself next year.

Can you imagine being one swig of beer away from a world record? I can't, because I finish my beers like a good boy. Don't judge me.

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