A man from Litchfield, MN just couldn't help himself.

Or...he tried to help himself, and THAT was the problem!



Meet Wayne Scott Christie (three first names is an immediate red flag). The 65-year-old broke into a woman's home and made off with her underwear.

Like, one pair of unders and one bra. That's strange.

Even stranger? He went back to return the stolen undergarments. Must be the Minnesota Nice coming into play.

Fortunately for the woman, she wasn't at her home when Wayne went on his panty raid. Also fortunate: she had a surveillance camera set up, and caught the Underwear Bandit red-handed. Unfortunately for the 'Roo Raider, it was broad daylight when he made his first stop, and still broad daylight when he returned.

The Panty Procurer is now facing felony burglary charges. Next time just go to Saver's, dude!

Still weird? Yes. Legal? Also yes.

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