Anybody who's had a cat knows this to be true: they want to teach you how to hunt. That's supposedly why they'll bring bird/squirrel/chipmunk/whatever carcasses into your house: they're worried that your inability to hunt will doom you both.

Or something.

I've never had a cat bring me drugs. Have you?


A cat owner in the United Kingdom contacted authorities when their cat brought home a bag of drugs. what exactly is the kitteh trying to teach his owners? "Meow, you need a side hustle, right meow." "Hey hooman. Ya know what would be the purrrfect way to buy me better foodz? Sell dis. SELL IT!"

Cats are bad influences.

Sitting On Wall
"Hey kids...ever heard of Humpty Dumpty? (Getty Images)

The police are investigating, but maintain that, "...priority remained the safety of the owner and the pet."

Source: UPI

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