Monday was a big day for two people and a cat from Arizona here in Saint Cloud. Tom the trucker cat, who managed to escape his owners back in January at a truck stop in town, was found after 40 days. Tom's owners made the trip up Monday to claim him, and it made the news down in Yuma where Tom and his owners live.

Tom the cat's owners are Angel Garcia and Marie Sanchez, who are also both truck drivers. When Tom managed to jump from the cab of the truck at the Pilot Flying J Truck Stop off I-94 in January, it didn't seem that he was going to be seen again.

At the time the area was seeing below-freezing temps, and with how busy that area is all the time due to all the traffic, it's quite amazing that Tom lasted 40 days before being found by a welder at C4, about 9 miles from the truck stop.

Tom's owners, Angel and Marie seemed really happy to get Tom back, but they were so appreciative of all the help Minnesotans gave them while Tom was away.

While Tom has returned to Arizona, and is probably back on the road with his owners, you can still keep up with his adventures. Tom's owner Marie has created an Instagram where people can follow Tom and everything that he is doing. You can find Tom on Instagram @tomthetruckercat.

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